Our primary focus is client satisfaction, which we strive to achieve by adhering to these core values:


We are dedicated to each and every client of the firm, regardless of size, prominence or wealth.  Your problems are our problems, and we are driven to find solutions and achieve the best possible outcome.


We are hands-on and responsive.  We believe that communication is critical for a successful attorney-client relationship, and that client involvement is a key ingredient to a successful outcome.   Your matter will not be delegated to a junior lawyer and you will never speak with a lawyer who is not fully familiar with your case.


We take pride in our work-product and so will you.  We believe that your success – and ours – depends on our ability to focus and handle matters with care, creativity and precision.  We are uncompromising in our pursuit of technical excellence.


Honesty and sincerity are cornerstones of our practice.  Equally important, our ability to persuade in a courtroom or negotiate in a conference room depends upon our reputation for integrity.  We never lose sight of this.


We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism in our dealings with clients, opposing lawyers and judges. We are keenly aware that everything we do is a reflection of our clients – as well as our firm.

Cost Effective

We are lean and efficient.  As a result, our hourly rates are significantly lower than those charged by comparable attorneys at larger law firms.  We will also consider alternative fee arrangements such as contingency and flat rate billing.

We are dedicated to zealously representing our clients while adhering to the highest standards of excellence, integrity and professionalism.